Risk Management Services

Sadko Ltd. provides tailor-made risk management services in support of private and corporate clientele. We support our clients by assessing and adjust exposure to strategic risk by providing privileged insights and timely intelligence. We are based in London but operate on an international basis. Your dedicated concierge will help you create a tailor-made service to suit your needs and above all ensure that you have peace of mind.


This portfolio serves to explore some of the Risk Management Services offered by Sadko and aims give our clients a better understanding of our philosophy of customer-focused services. All our staff are carefully selected to ensure that our customer focused philosophy is supported and visible.

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manned services

Manned Services

No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. The key to reducing risks and preventing losses lies in being aware, alert and prepared at all times.

Your business or company may be small or large. It may be located in an urban or rural setting. Your surrounding external environment may pose potentially small or greater risks to your personnel and property. There are several sectors that form our manned services division. These include Static Guards, Reception Security, retail security, property protection and others.

Static Guards

These are generally guards that protect customer’s premises such as warehouses, car parks, factories etc. Their main duties are to control access, patrol the premises, prevent loss, report crimes and or suspicious behavior.

Reception Security

These are generally guards that protect customer’s premises such as warehouses, car parks, factories etc. Their main duties are to control access, patrol the premises, prevent loss, report crimes and or suspicious behavior.

Retail Security

Customers are the key priority to retail organizations. Without them they would not exist. However, in the modern world retail organizations face incredibly challenging security scenarios that often affects customer satisfaction. Loss prevention is a key requirement for success.

Sadko provide retail security guards and store detectives to:
Boutiques, Clothing & Accessory Stores, Showrooms, Galleries, Shopping Centres, Entertainment Complexes.

Retail services can be utilised in a number of ways to protect your business interests:

CCTV Public Space Monitoring, Tag Checking, Entrance Greeting and Information, Lost Person or Items Procedures, Appointed First Aid Persons, Appointed Fire Safety Persons, Police Liaison, Loss Prevention, Store Detectives, Maintaining Store Search Policy

The service is tailored to the required levels, allowing appropriate allocation of security, and other duties, enabling retail employees to carry on with their responsibilities in the most effective manner.

Property Protection

Sadko offers total vacant property management that aims for optimal occupation, protection, management and utilization of your vacant property. The goal of this innovative approach is to minimize the risks facing your vacant property such as vandalism, theft, squatting and dilapidation and to maximize your returns.

We can provide temporary occupants and/or users for your vacant property; key workers who protect your property through temporary occupation licenses.

Call our SOS anti-squatter service and we will be there straight away.

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event managment

Event Management

Sadko Limited is a trusted crowd management, venue and event security specialist, with a reputation for excellence. Our proven track record spans years delivering consistently high quality, affordable security services, with the safety of everyone at a venue, sports ground or green field site our core aim.

Comprehensive expertise and experience underpin our provision of robust, yet customer friendly, venue, event security and crowd management services. These range from consultancy, VIP close protection and event stewarding; to asset protection, training and research.

Sadko is continually developing long-standing relationships with clients from all walks of the events sector based on mutual respect and an aim to create the best possible events and audience experiences. Our tailored security services are achieved through listening attentively to a wide array of priorities, while staying attuned to industry trends and embracing new technology and techniques to progressively improve our standards, along with those of our clients. To see how Sadko can help your event please contact one of our UK offices, and speak to one of our award winning teams about providing you a personal, local service, with national standards and support.


Personal Protection Escorts

Personalised personal protection for individuals or organisations, both in the United Kingdom and Internationally.

Close protection – Whether you are seeking to protect your privacy, your person or simply need peace of mind, our highly trained protection personnel will ensure you have peace of mind.

Companion Service – We offer a companion service for customers such as for your Spouse, Unaccompanied Minors, Senior Clients or clients requiring a Medical Escort. 

Executive Vehicle Services – We offer an executive vehicle transport service, including a trained security driver where needed, that ensures safe and effective transportation for you, your clients and important visitors. .



Residential Security Teams

Personal round the clock protection for VIP clientele who require daily protection at home, vacation or during day to day life.



Private Ship Security

We offer highly trained and experienced onshore and offshore consultancy teams and support staff. They are able to provide reliable ship security and anti-piracy services to safeguard you, your family and your ship in transit through high-risk areas.

Services Include:

  • On Board Security Teams
  • Maritime Intelligence & Surveillance
  • Crisis Management
  • Vessel Hardening



Security in complex environments

We are able to provide on shore security teams in complex environments.

Our experienced Mission Plan Coordinators can assist you with creating a bespoke service as and when required.



Advanced Security Teams

Advanced scouting teams sent are out to larger missions that require advanced planning. All intelligence and surveillance reports are a carefully thought out process focused on providing intelligence reports to help ensure the safety of our clients especially in the more complex and high risk environments.



Security Consultancyy

We offer a variety of intelligence led security solutions. Our experienced team is standing by to assist your every requirement. No job to big or small.

We offer:

  • Ethical Intelligence Services supporting teams in challenging environments
  • End to End Security Evaluations
  • Risk Management
  • Event Planning
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Global Security Screening Solutions tailored to requirements



Surveillance (Covert & Overt Surveillance)

Do you need to know what someone is doing while you are not with them?

Maybe your partner is not being as faithful and honest as you, a business associate might be trying to defraud you, an employee may be trying to mislead you, a claimant may not actually be as unwell as they state or perhaps someone you care about has started a habit that is going to be harmful to them. You need to be 100% certain before you take any action, but what if you are certain yet unable to prove It?

Before you can confront someone with whom you have a relationship, whether in business or your personal life, you must have all of the facts. If all other options have been exhausted, or are not practical, discreet surveillance can be the only way to find out what you need to know.

Discretion is paramount in such cases and you can rest assured that we will go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the evidence you need.

All of our reports are accompanied by high quality photographic and video evidence.

Whether it's carrying out observations on a cheating partner, surveillance on a dishonest employee, monitoring a wayward child or following someone you wish to know more about, we will provide you with the information and evidence you require. Our surveillance operatives are highly qualified and are fully trained in the use of mobile, static and rural surveillance techniques. They have been involved in numerous covert operations within the UK and overseas, in all types of circumstances and environments.

We can conduct covert surveillance investigations for both short and long term periods, using both male and female operatives where required. As well as using our surveillance operatives, we use the latest technical surveillance equipment, such as covert cameras, car tracking devices, audio recording equipment and night vision equipment.

Our Surveillance operatives can operate in the following circumstances:

  • Following a cheating partner
  • Locate a person's place of work
  • Find a person's home address
  • Investigate a person's background and lifestyle
  • Carry out surveillance of an employee
  • Investigate suspected false insurance claims
  • Investigate benefit cheats
  • Observation on a particular location
  • Observe a working environment




Recruitment - Positions Available

We have various positions available within Sadko Limited.

Security Services

Global Risk Managment Services


Sales & Marketing

There are various other positions available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed list or to request any tailor-made services.




All our personnel are highly trained and experienced.

  • Personnel are chosen from ex-Military, Navy and Special Forces candidates
  • All personnel are medically trained up to the point of First Person on Scene or combat medic level. (Includes Paediatric Care)
  • Enhanced Conflict Management Training
  • All training is updated regularly




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